GUESTS on the Soul Series include: Lily Fraser, Richard Knox, Mark Turnbull, Michael Mann, Em McElderry, Francyl Gawryn, Cristina Seaborn, Rick Brunson, Jim Cooper, Charley Packard, Polarity Shift, Dark Fire Cloud, Barbara Hester, Stephanie Gjerde, Common Ground, Susan Mogilka, Dan Tyler, Mark George-Moore, and various Mark Austin Bands and Projects. THE SOUL SERIES of CDs I co-produced with Dallas musician Mark Austin features seven fully-packed discs of spiritual poetry laced with music, and featuring many guest musical artists. We've also produced Jesus of Urantia, with Utantia Book readings and music suites; Celestial Fusions, with readings from Teaching Mission celestial transmissions; and Sauntering Through Apocalypse, a collection of satirical, offbeat humor. We’re now offering all of these CDs at $7 each and MP3 tracks can be downloaded from Music,Poetry,Comedy

Guest Artists

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We Can Be A Celebration of Spiritual Unity Soul Synthesis Favorites from the Soul Series Soul Searching Finding Truths Within the Quest Soul Pouring Expressions in Dark and Light Souls Restless Pursuing the Be Ye Perfect Path Soul Stories Reflections on the Human Quest Soul Struggles The Search for Higher Love Souls Blooming Vibrations of the Loving Spirit Joys of Stillness Where Meditation Meets God Celestial Fusions Realities of the Teaching Mission Jesus of Urantia In His Own Words Grinning through Apocalypse: One Armaggeddon at a Time! NEW for July and August: Tracks by Jim Cleveland and Mark Austin in the Soul Series CDs project:

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MARK TURNBULL ( has had an illustrious and continuing  career in theater, television and music on the west coast. From his fine album “Father’s Day” he shared a humorous ditty called “Baggage” for our Soul Searching Series of CD’s. Recommend checking his site and his other sharings.

Romance abounds with words by Jim and music by Mark Austin, a revelry from the Souls  Pouring Series.


Mark launches some strong blues bass to voice Jim’s lyrics in a musical track from the Soul Series and from one of the Mark Austin Band’s albums.