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Charley Packard’s distinctive down-home vocal drives this tribute to the joys of friendship. From Soul Stories: Reflections on the Human Quest

Lily Fraser’s lovely rendition of a traditional ballad. From Soul Stories.

It’s not a political term; it’s a matter of spiritual philosophy, and our incarnated Jesus practiced it fully. From Soul Struggles: The Search for Higher Love

This is your spiritual path and over the eons it will become a joyous reality. From Souls Pouring: Expressions in Dark and Light

Realities and images clash in our everyday battle with time. From Souls Pouring. Released in OCTOBER: 6 tracks featuring Jim and Mark, Barbara Hester, Richard Knox and Dan Tyler

by Jim Cleveland from Soul Stories

by Richard Knox from Souls Blooming

by Mark Austin from Souls Pouring

by Dan Tyler from Souls Pouring

by Barbara Hester from Souls Blooming

by Jim Cleveland from Souls Pouring

Released in NOVEMBER: Jim Cleveland and Mark Austin present two Humor tracks

by Jim Cleveland and Mark Austin

by Barbara Hester

by Jim Cleveland and Mark Austin

by Mark Austin Band

by Jim Cleveland and Mark Austin