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This site collects my books and CDs, offers some photography, newer writings,  free downloads and a recommended list of sites that inspire me. I'm a progressive social liberal with one-world spiritual values. I'm an active supporter of the Urantia Book,  the Teaching Mission Network and various New Spirituality organizations.


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FREE e-book:

  • THE END OF ILLUSIONS. Paul Tuttle’s timeless transmissions with a spiritual teacher named Raj are still being featured and studied at the Northwest Foundation for A Course in Miracles. Here is the original book and links to their activities.
  • THE TEACHING MISSION 1999. A special issue of the "Light and Life Journal" featuring the history of the mission going into an international Urantia Book conference in Vancouver. Free copies were distributed and a panel discussion on celestial contact was part of the agenda.
  • LIGHTEN LIFE READER  2. A second volume of broad humor gleaned from the Internet.


FREE MP-3 Music Tracks: Jim Cleveland and Mark Austin present two Humor tracks —"Them That Done It Is Knowed" about college pranks, and "Free of WWIII", rambling thoughts on whether it’s coming. "To Soldiers and their Widows" is a tribute to fallen soldiers and their grieving wives.

"See Inside", a power track by the Mark Austin Band, and "Share Your Grace" by Barbara Hester.


Madness Chronicles: New mind stirring essays and two issues of Fire Ax.

NEW for DECEMBER, 2017.


FREE e-book:

  • DARK RIDERS is an action adventure novel. Troubled protagonist sets out to attack the Mafia and becomes embroiled with two compelling women on the road. Violence, sexuality and plot twists ensue.
  • URANTIA vs. Celestial Teachers.  A near 100-page chapter from volume 1 of The Teaching Mission.  “Paths of Truth, Corridors of Credulity” traces the historic conflicts between promoters of the huge spiritual revelation and any other celestial contacts.
  • THE FAITH GARDEN lessons of celestial teacher Solonia, a series on being prepared for earth changes, from The Church Within and The Teaching Mission volume 2
  • LIGHTEN LIFE READER.  A time capsule issue, number 13 of 19, of the Light and Life Journal, focuses on transmitted celestial teacher lessons from 2004.


FREE MP-3 Music Tracks: Jim with Mark Austin and friends offer “Face the Walls,” “People Do” and “Ways and Means” from the Soul Series. The late Charley Packard offers “Bumpy Roads” and Richard Knox shares “Well, Whaddya Know?”


Madness Chronicles: “Rightful Owners in America” takes a satirical look at the first new world explorers and their plans to take over the property from the squatters. From the forthcoming Slouching Through Absurdity: Skits, Spoofs and Satires.

THE DIVINE DOZEN: Jim’s book, Celestials over Cincinnati: Lessons of the Planetary Correcting Time traces his personal journey and a Urantia study group’s experiences with celestial teachers from 1990-96. In an unusual move, the 12 central spiritual principles that a reader should get from the book were summed up at the front, and here they are.