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This site collects my books and CDs, offers some photography, newer writings,  free downloads and a recommended list of sites that inspire me. I'm a progressive social liberal with one-world spiritual values. I'm an active supporter of the Urantia Book, the Teaching Mission Network and various New Spirituality organizations.


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  • TEACHERS OF THE LIGHT, produced in 1996, captures the new wave of celestial teachers in their early years, laying down the basic curriculum. Includes transmissions from across the country.
  • ANDROMADEUS, a Most High in the spiritual hierarchy explains the 12 angelic sectors of the Seraphic Planetary Government, in historic previously-unpublished  transmissions through the late and graduated Gerdean O’Dell.
  • LIVING WATERS Teaching Mission conference in Niagara Falls, NY, 2003, was followed up with this publication that’s rich in celestial transmissions.



From the CD Soul Series, Jim Cleveland and Mark Austin deliver some issues-oriented poetry, Momentary Gloom, Hoods of the Misunderstood, and Every Hill. Lily Fraiser sings “Time for a Healing,” Dan Tyler delivers “Look What They’re Saying” and Dave Weber belts out an energetic “Live and Let Live.”


NEW for APRIL & MAY, 2018.


FREE MP-3 Music Tracks: by Jim Cleveland and Mark Austin in the Soul Series CDs project:

  • "Heaven's Door" is a sympathetic lyrical to the struggles of the homeless.
  • "Pouring" is a stream of consciousness track on the creative streaming process.

MP-3, "Feel the Sun" The immortal Charley Packard is remembered with one of his great classics "Feel The Sun." RIP to this great troubadour and minister who leaves a legacy of good music.


Madness Chronicles:

  • "Hard Times for One Another," lyrics for an un-produced track, by Jim Cleveland, and inspired by the Celestial Artisans and Bob Dylan
  • "Modern Mythology," a moralistic essay from the new book on Amazon — "Beyond Baggage" by Jim Cleveland
  • Fire Ax #7 — An outrageous balls-to-the-walls newsletter about our current Madnesses and a fire-ax response. All to blame on Jim once more.


Many other free e-books and MP-3 tracks in our libraries.